Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

I used to treat this day like a national holiday. Or rather a personally significant holiday since many national holidays go unnoticed any more. I could write a paper on Leap Day if I had free time to kill and if I liked writing papers. I think it's such a marvelous idea, an extra day. Here we all go about asking for more time and saying what we would do with it, and then every four years, we actually get a whole extra day, and what do we do with it? Same old, same old. And that's just un-American! Or something like that.

If I were president, I'd force everyone to not work, not go to school, not waste all their time on the mundane or scheduled bits of life they are used to. I guess I'd be more of a dictator, but who wouldn't like a dictator that makes them chill out once every four years? I think it's a grand idea. I really wish it was a national holiday that people truly honored and celebrated because how cool would that be if it was known to be a day to live in the moment and use it as a day where you were given something extra? A sort of invisible, doesn't count kind of day. I ate cupcakes today that I'll write off as invisible calories. I also had a crummy night that I'll just erase from my memory because today didn't really count anyway. What a novel idea. I love this free day concept!

Life has been a bit crazy for us recently, so today wasn't much of a celebrating day, rather a survival kind of a day. But in the future, I want to make a big deal out of it with the kids, take them out of school to go do something fun, "24 hours of free time" traditions! Here's to the future.

See you again in four years my extra day!

Q: Do you celebrate leap day?

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Kirsten said...

what great ideas, I hadn't thought of it like that!