Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy April Fools Day!

First off, I'd like to say I totally agree with this April Fools statement. But lucky all of you potential innocent victims, I'm having to postpone my great ideas I've thought about all year until next.

Things I'd only say today (April 1):

-Josh is excited to go to work tomorrow.
-I can't wait to do more housework tomorrow. And I love being tired.
-Hazel and Felicity didn't fight one bit today.
-Rhett slept in.

But things I would tell you any day:

-I'm so glad Josh has a job. And I'm so glad he goes even though it's hard.
-I'm grateful I have a house and a yard and I love it when it's clean and orderly. And I love the girls bathroom cabinet being organized after my weekend project. I even left the doors open for two days so I could enjoy the order of it all.
-Hazel and Felicity melt my heart when they giggle all night long together when they're supposed to be asleep.
-Rhett greets me with his delightful smile while my eyes are still begging to shut again. He can break the most serious faces into a grin with his smiles and cuddles.

Hope you got away with loads of lies without consequence today!

Love, your pregnant, newly engaged, moving to Paris, adopting twins from China, house caught on fire, shoot, pants too,



Julianne said...

I still remember your breastmilk prank on the elders last year (or the year before?), which was hands down, one of the funniest April Fool's Day jokes I've heard!

Jill said...

haha... love your last line :) What an awesome post. love it! I can't wait to see you. We can still pretend that it's Apr 1st when I'm there just for kicks.

Alicia said...

This is one of my favorite posts! I do have to admit that even after reading everything and knowing it we an April fools post, I still did a double-take when you said you were pregnant!! Good one. I also tell people about your breast milk prank last year, such an awesome prank!