Thursday, February 2, 2012

Zara sale-Girls dress $10 Free shipping

I love Zara's kids clothes. Looooove them. We bought the girls outfits for our family picture there and I just got an email from them and decided to just drool for a bit even though I think I've bought things there maybe 4 times in my life, and only once for my kids.

But get this, with their new online shop, it's free shipping and they're having a sale. One of the best things is this dress for $10.

Josh was looking over my shoulder and told me to buy it, which was a bit surprising since he usually says don't buy, doesn't matter what it its, that's just his usual advice :). I bought two more adorable dresses.

If you get things for you kids there though, they tend to run much smaller than other brands. I bought my 5 yr old, 60th % in height and weight, a size 7/8.

Happy Zara!

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Alicia said...

I love that grey dress! Maybe I'll buy it for when I have a girl someday (or for my niece if that day never comes... =)