Thursday, January 26, 2012

1 Day Picaboo coupon

Picaboo photo book

I've used Picaboo for a few photo books and I really like that you can customize them any which way. I think they have way too many options for picture backgrounds, and not enough of the styles I would like (or at least can find), but they always have great sales, the best customer service and pretty decent books.

They are having a ONE DAY sale that ends in 13 hours, so if you're interested in making a photo book, they are selling a $100 gift card for $30, you can buy three. I just made the worlds largest photo book and when it rang up, it was $160, and I was hoping to eventually get one for each kid by waiting for coupon deals, so I just bought three coupons to go towards them.



Janelle said...

What a find! That is awesome. I've used shutterfly before looking for great deals, but I've never found one quite like that!:) 70% off is awesome! Happy photo booking! :)

Aleta Tours said...

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Martin Kovalsky said...

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